The Tower

The 10ft tower sections originally came from the BBC transmitting station at Brookmans Park some 20 plus years ago. (Many thanks to my old friend Mark G0OJB). These sections sat in the sheds until 2014 when I was able to put them to some good use. Since then they have been holding up a nest of dipoles (160m through to 30M) along with various other antennas. After the winter winds destroyed my home built spider beam, I have a quick made 17m dipole which is up there as well at the moment.

The video below shows the raising of the tower – it too two goes! The first go was videoed from two angles, so you see that in all it’s glory twice!!


The tower in place

Pole set for initial lift…

17m Dipole, made up out of a couple of garden canes and lengths of narrow gauge water pipe to support wire elements.

Two stages of wind damage to the Spider Beam. It worked well for the three months that it survived!

My son Kevin (M3MMY) helping to set up a 6m beam. Just under the beam and to the right of the tower you can see where the next of dipoles connect together on a piece of plastic chopping board!